George Jonte-Crane

I have several goals for our chapter. One of those is to really step up the education side of our chapter work – to be strong advocates as we foster interest in the organ through our youth and young adults so that the organs in our churches are not allowed to go silent.

My other goal is more participation by our membership. We are planning to offer an exciting year of programming that will appeal to everyone regardless of your skill set.

Join us! Be a voice!  Be our voice! We look forward to seeing you.

Dean, George Jonte-Crane
Detroit Chapter AGO

Detroit Chapter Events

More than 100 Years of Education. 
Founded 1910 
Eighth Chapter of the AGO
Host of the 
2009 Regional Convention
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and in The Bombarde for dates and times of the Epiphany Dinner,  Organ Crawl,  Scholarship Competition, and the Member/Scholarship Recital.

We are looking forward to the time, in the not to distant future, where we can once again have face to face meetings, and live concerts and recitals.

In the meantime, our newsletter The Bombarde carries current events and interesting articles.  Click the Newsletter tab above to access the latest Bombarde.

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Member Events

This column is for members to announce events of their churches and organizations

St. Joan of Arc - Toledo, OH
New Pipe Organ Dedication
Todd Wilson
9/26/21 @4:00pm
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