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AGO Examinations

Members of the American Guild of Organists are encouraged to develop their skills through the completion of the various professional level examinations which encompass everything from hymn playing to composition, arranging and improvisation.

AGO offers the following degrees: Service Playing Certificate, Choir Master (ChAGO), Colleague (CAGO), Associate (AAGO) and Fellow (FAGO).

Application fees are associated with each level exam, and they are administered either on the local chapter level or in specified examination centers throughout the country. Some exams, as in the case of the Colleague examination, are taped and submitted to the National organization for evaluation and grading; others are administered by a live panel of examiners. The acquisition of these various certificates not only serves to broaden the capabilities of the candidate but also enhance the candidate's future job prospects in his or her field as with academic degrees of like focus. Find out more about these fine Educational Opportunities by clicking on the links below.

Service Playing Test - Fees and Dates

Choir Master Examination - Fees and Dates

Colleague Examination - Fees and Dates

Associateship Examination - Fees and Dates

Fellowship Examination - Fees and Dates

Certification Coordinators by Region

Chart of Examination Requirements

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