Organ Builders

1. Wigton Pipe Organs

Wigton Pipe Organs is a small company dedicated to the construction of pipe organs of high quality. We believe that our small size gives us the flexibility to provide the ideal organ for almost any given situation. Not being bound by standardized designs, we are able to custom-build organs according to variations in budget, architecture and musical needs.

We specialize in instruments with mechanical action, although we have specified electric action where a tracker isn't possible, or when there is an existing electric-action organ of high quality. We enjoy building new organs, but do not hesitate recommending a rebuild when a church cannot afford a new organ large enough for the room.

Our basic approach is to first analyze all the uses for a potential instrument, and come up with a specification that will fill those needs in the room. Then, if the budget won't hold up to a totally new organ, we consider other possibilities.

In some instances, the result has been a "new-old" organ, such as our project in Fremont, Ohio. That church found itself with most of the pipework from its 1890's Farrand & Votey tracker organ, and a handsome case, but nothing else. We designed an augmented stoplist, retained all the original pipes and case, built a new console, action and windchests. The church now has a "new"organ which will play 19th-century music well, and a great deal of the music of other periods.

Our smallest new organ is a 37-note table organ used for accompanying Gregorian chant. Our largest is the 3-manual 52-stop tracker in an 18th-century French-style case at Old St. Mary's in Detroit. In between have been many projects, both new and rebuilt, in which we've been given the opportunity to show our flexibility. We enjoy a challenge!

Wigton Pipe Organs
4848 General Squier Rd.
Dryden, MI 48428
Phone: (810) 796-3311
Wigton Pipe Organs

2. Abdoo Organ Services

is a small operation that specializes in the analysis and resolution of electrical and electronic problems in pipe organs.   In many cases, Richard Abdoo has designed and constructed custom solid state circuitry as part of these problem resolutions.  


Abdoo Organ Services also does maintenance, repair and tuning of pipe organs and Rodgers electronic instruments. 

The larger scale work done by AOS in the past has included the construction of practice instruments of 3 to 4 ranks; moving, solid state rewiring and constructing new casework for the organ at All Saints parish; and moving, solid state conversion and expansion of the organ at St. Damien parish from 4 ranks to 9 ranks.
Pictured at right is the 4 rank practice instrument constructed for the Abdoo residence.

Abdoo Organ Services
Richard Abdoo. Owner
17423 Francavilla
Livonia, MI  48152

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