Dean Dr. Ronald Prowse

Have you heard the story of the two woodsmen? Two woodsmen got up one morning and sawed trees until dark. The first woodsman worked without stopping. The second woodsman took a ten-minute break every hour. At the end of the day, the second woodsman had cut a dozen more trees than the first. The first woodsman said, "How could you have cut more trees than I? You were taking breaks all the time, while I was going nonstop, sawing, sawing, sawing." The second woodsman looked at him and replied, "During those breaks I was sharpening my saw."
Participation in Detroit Chapter events help you keep you saw sharp. 
Be sure to note the Master Class with Olivier Latry in March.

Ronald Prowse
Dean, Detroit Chapter AGO

Detroit Chapter Events

More than 100 Years of Education. 
Founded 1910 
Eighth Chapter of the AGO
Host of the 
2009 Regional Convention

Don’t miss our next event!

A full weekend with the celebrated organist Eugenio Maria Fagiani.   The originally planned Master’s class had to be cancelled but a second concert takes its place. 

Saturday, May 12, at 7:30 pm  Mr. Fagiani will play a concert at St. Patrick’s R.C. Church, 9086 Hutchins, White Lake, 48386. 

Sunday, May 13, at 4:30 pm  Mr. Fagiani will be the featured recitalist celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Walker tracker organ at St. Paul’s Methodist, 620 Romeo Rd., Rochester 48307.  This concert is the concluding event of the Detroit Chapter season, and is sponsored by Dr. Jean Randall and St. Paul’s.  To help celebrate the anniversary of this organ, there will be cake and ice cream.   All are invited to attend

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Member Events

Saturday, May 12 and
Sunday, May 13, 2018

"A Weekend with Eugenio"
St. Paul's UMC, Rochester
Host: W. Jean Randall 
Eugenio Maria Fagiani will be with us at St. Paul's Rochester for one of our 30th birthday celebrations for the Walker organ. Eugenio is a well known organist / Composer / performer throughout Europe and the middle east. He is organist at the Cathedral in Bergamo and organist / concert coordinator at Santa Maria Sanctuary and Pilgrimage site at La Verna IT where he has discovered many new organ works by: Padre Martini.